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AJH+ is the national and middle east designers for the Guylian brand.


AJH+ has been engaged to reconsider the spatial experience of the Guylian brand and implement them across Australia & Middle East.

The roll out of projects has included  Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Riyadh

We challenged the Guylian status quo to redefine the entirety of the spatial experience in a  holistic manner. this included all aspects of identity, finishes, lighting, sizes of store, furniture, operational strategies, redefinition of footprint types/ sizes, supply chain opportunities and potential additional revenue streams within the footprint of stores. 

The brand now responds to a contemporary chocolatier with a rich history to Europe (Belgium)


These changes have been successful and reflected in increased interest in franchisee, increase in base building owner enquiry to include Guylian in retail profile and increase revenue.