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The Putney house is a “forever” home for a growing family and a craftsman builder located in Putney Sydney approximately 300m from the Parramatta river.

The project addresses the needs of the growing family whilst also creating a backdrop for large extended family gatherings and showcasing the builders craftsmanship.  The home creates a strong connection to its immediate context creating a tri-part layering of bespoke recycled brick mix, off form concrete and cladding.


The layering simultaneously provides a beautiful tactile backdrop at the ground level where the household activities and landscape occurs whilst also responding to the immediate scale of the immediate suburb.

The external composition of materials have been designed to “anchor” the house to the site whilst engaging to the surrounding context. The heavy base of the brick contrast with the visually lighter cladding on upper layers providing a floating quality.

The home features seamless interior and exterior flow providing opportunities for the best of the natural elements to be celebrated within the space. Spaces are shaped and carved located to maximise these opportunities.


Passive cross ventilation and daylight into the spaces are a key focus. Cross ventilation is promoted with a variety of opening sizes and types. Louvre windows, skylight openable and vertical sky garden and stair hall act as lungs drawing in fresh air to all spaces. Daylight is controlled with calculated overhangs, hoods, screening and blinds providing absolute control of daylight access.