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The Abbey located in Cronulla is a boutique luxury housing project which crafts a community of 7 homes around an existing heritage listed Church in close proximity to the beach.

​The heritage Church is the focus of the Abbey and treated as a feature to be celebrated. The proximity to the beach provides the lifestyle attachment to its location.


The Abbey fuses the tactile craftsmanship of the heritage architecture with the relaxed, coastal lifestyle to respond with an architecture celebrating its Place.

A strong sense of community is promoted by locating two distinct buildings on either side of a significant common landscape area. On one side are the original heritage buildings and on the other is the contemporary dwellings facing towards the Church.

All dwellings are accessed via the beautifully landscaped common landscape area thus becoming the heart of the communal experience shared by all residences.

The new dwellings facing the Church ensuring that all residents enjoy the Church’s elegance from within all levels of the new dwellings. Generous spaces and voids provide connection between the interior and exterior, climate control and allude to the religious​ context of the site.

The Church, Church Hall and Church support areas have all been delicately adapted to provide a new residential use within their volumes. These spaces are dramatic with the new works reading as simple insertions into the generous spaces and original details retained

​The palette of materials for the Abbey is inspired by the heritage tactile craftsmanship and the coastal location. The contemporary works are

un-apologetically contemporary. A sharp contrasting contemporary architecture is immersed with warmth and tactility with beautiful brick textures, rich Australian timber, concrete and portions of rusted steel anchoring the development to the coast.​


AJH+ has serviced from beginning to completion and provided:

​           ARCHITECTURE





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