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About Us

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AJH+ was established in 2014 dedicated to the realisation of private and public-sector projects in the realms of Urban Design + Architecture + Interior design

​AJH+ expertise is in:

  • Residential including Apartments/ Multi Dwelling/  Seniors/          Aged Care/ BTR/ Mixed Use/ Homes/ Houses

  • Adaptive Re Use/ Heritage Projects

  • Hospitality / Retail

  • Commercial / Public​​

At AJH+, we passionately believe in crafting memorable and engaging built environments, connecting users to place and underpinned by a collaborative "can do" design ethos. Our primary objective is to enhance the user experience and the well-being of communities by elevating a sense of place, with deep understanding of project requirements, enhancing quality of life through sustainable, environmentally aware and commercially astute solutions.

We deliver unique design responses that represent and benefit all users / communities, fostering enduring and trustworthy relationships in the process.

We provide over 25 years experience delivering projects across all phases of the lifecycle and undertake this commitment appreciating that the outcomes of our endeavours will be our legacy


AJH+ has been recognised within the broader property industry as a design excellence practice.

We are registered Architects, are registered class 2 practitioners with the NSW Design & Building Practitioners Act 2020, are a prequalified Architecture practice with the NSW government and are members of the Australian Institute of Architects and various development institutes.

Our accolades include numerous awards bestowed by architectural and property institutions, along with notable recognitions, nominations, and extensive coverage in both print and digital media. For further insights, we invite you to explore our link Client responses and Awards section

Diverse in our capabilities, we undertake projects of varying size, scale, and budget. Our collaborative approach brings together a wealth of expertise to serve property owners, community organizations, property developers, fund managers, and government entities. AJH+ stands as a testament to the belief that the outcomes of our endeavors will leave an enduring legacy.

We are:

- Registered Architectural Practitioners for class 2 under the NSW Design & Building  Practitioners Act

- Registered with NSW Government Architect’s Strategy and Design Prequalification Scheme for Architecture

-  Registered with Board of Architects       

    (Nominated Architect Adrian Hernandez #8047)

- AIA membership 


- UDIA membership


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