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AJH+ Northbridge 00146 LR.jpg


The Northbridge house responds to a site with beautiful bush land views that also is constrained by the highest Bush fire construction rating of BAL Flame zone.


The response celebrates the robust fire resistant materials and uses them to create  spaces that feel protected and connected to the surrounds by visually extending the bush land setting to the house.

Spaces are protected in robust heavy materials resisting the bush fire yet given volume, proportion, cross ventilation and an abundance of daylight to create a family home at one with the site

The project has been extensively published including Archdaily 

AJH+ Northbridge 00119 LR.jpg
AJH+ Northbridge 00154 LR.jpg
AJH+ Northbridge 00177 LR.jpg
AJH+ Northbridge PAIR 03 LR.jpg
AJH+ Northbridge 00062 V2 A LR.jpg
AJH+ Northbridge 00017 LR.jpg
AJH+ Northbridge PAIR 02 LR.jpg
AJH+ Northbridge PAIR 01 LR.jpg
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