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The site is located in Bonnyrigg, to the east of Bunker Park, with a view towards a majestic grove of silver gum trees. The presence of the majestic gum trees in the park serves as a reminder of the area's agricultural past which once featured orchards. Plums, pears, and apples were cultivated right here in the early 1900’s to mid-century, fostering a vibrant sense of community through farming activities and cultivation for their livelihoods.               

The project draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of history overlapping with contextual elements to weave a social housing project that extends the communal spirit, history and landscape of the park.

Taking advantage of the sites natural contours the site has been crafted to integrate the three frontages bringing the footpath, landscape on many stepped planter levels, community and the park into the site providing interaction opportunities between residents and passers-by. A series of stepped planter levels invite interaction and connection, blurring the lines between our community and the picturesque parkland. The apartments reach out towards the park providing internal views and large balconies extending their outlook towards it.  Privacy is paramount and have achieved it through screening and colonnaded balconies configured to create a vertical textured rhythm.


Passive design principles have been championed with very high cross ventilation and solar access for the apartments and balconies. Material selections are efficient, maintenance free ensuring longevity and robustness for the building whilst integrating with the context.

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